High marks for Banovallum on Manor day trip

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-171116-142901001

Students from Banovallum School have earned top marks after a visit to Sir Isaac Newton’s birthplace - Woolsthorpe Manor near Grantham.

The school’s science department organised the trip for all Year 7 students.

They discovered that Sir Isaac returned to Woolsthorpe later in his life where he developed some of his major theories on gravity, motion and light were developed.

The students had the entire site to themselves and were keen to share the knowledge that they acquired using new research skills in their own on-site library at school, prior to the half term break.

They were challenged to write an article in the style of an obituary describing the life and works of Sir Isaac who is regarded as one of Britain’s greatest scientists.

The students also impressed volunteer staff who help run the workshops at the National Trust owned property.

They discovered which tree dropped the famous apple, directly leading to one of Sir Isaac’s most famous discoveries.

Another highlight was the chance to take part in inter-active exhibits at the site’s science centre.

Students carried out some light experiments and also had the chance to see what the Manor would have looked like during the 1660s, including studying a copy of Sir Isaac’s death mask!