Coningsby couple build leading global business

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A husband-and-wife have transformed their business from a backyard shed into a multi-award winning venture with an annual turnover of £8m - all in the space of 10 years.

A husband-and-wife have transformed their business from a backyard shed into a multi-award winning venture with an annual turnover of £8m - all in the space of 10 years.

Nick and Sue Maltby, from Coningsby, are owners and managing directors of MTAG Composites, one of the leading Phenolic and Polyester fibreglass moulders in the UK.

Nick launched the company as a ‘one man operation’ when the couple lived near Boston. They now employ more than 125 staff.

Their order book features contracts with some of the world’s leading companies involved in commercial, manufacturing and leisure services.

They export all over the world from their premises on a Coningsby industrial estate.

Nick hopes to seal a deal with American giants GM to manufacture a limited number of a new state-of-the-art sports car.

Details are top secret but the body of the car will be designed and manufactured at Coningsby with GM suppling the engine.

The car is one of several projects in the pipeline as the couple look to continue their remarkable progress.

MTAG hope to manufacture the next generation of British Olympic sailing boats.

Nick and Sue admit they are keen to expand but say their plans could be affected by a shortage of skilled staff - and a lack of space at their present site.

Nick went to work for a mouldings company (Fibrecast) based between Boston and Coningsby.

He left to help bring up the couple’s son and after starting up his ‘home’ business, he eventually took in Fibrecast’s operations.

Nick explains: “I’d say Sue and I were average at school although she definitely did a lot better then me.

“However, not all kids are born as brains of Britain.

“We haven’t all gone to posh schools and universities.

“The backbone of what we have achieved is common sense, hard work and more hard work. We are proud of what we’ve achieved.

“If I had a message for today’s generation it would be if you work hard and stick at it, anything is possible.

“When we moved here, my dad told me I’d be sat in this chair (the MD’s) in this very boardroom but I never believed him.”

The couple also put their success down to a loyal workforce, some of whom Nick and Sue have known since their school days.

Nick started out making ammunition cases for submarines but from those humble beginning, he was providing parts for leading companies within six months.

He explained: “If you sit on an aeroplane seat, it’s likely the back of it was made by us. It’s the same with train seats.”

Sue added: “When we fly off on holiday, we’re the couple taking the seat apart, just to see what condition it is in...and if we could make it better.”

MTAG has extensive contracts with many leading train companies - including Hitachi and the London Underground.

Staff are working on new drivers’ desks for trains on the West Coast mainline.

MTAG has won awards at district, county and regional level. Last week, Sue travelled to London for a major national awards event.

MP Victoria Atkins toured their Coningsby premises last week.

Nick and Sue say they are keen to establish links with local schools and universities and are determined to see more apprenticeship schemes started.