REVIEW: Contrast compels at Horncastle and District Choral Society concert

Penny Holland
Penny Holland

On May 10th the Horncastle and District Choral Society offered a compelling musical entertainment in two strongly contrasted styles.

The choir, directed with enthusiasm and excellent rhythmic momentum by Thomas-Colin Thorpe, achieved a certain sense 
of the splendour of Coronation in Handel’s Anthems, culminating in a moving explosion of joy on the entry of Zadok the Priest.

Counterpoint was clearly delineated and well-balanced, entries were crisp and assured.

In the second half, it was good to welcome Penny Holland’s recall from retirement to direct an excellent performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore.

With acrobatic dexterity and a rich vein of humour, Penny skilfully changed the mood of the occasion.

How lucky the Society is to have such a talented group of soloists, all in fine voice.

Isabel Wilson, Len McAllister, Len Sutton, Thomas-Colin Thorpe, Peter Tayles, Andrew Noakes, Gail Hinkins and Sylvia Ravenhall all brought their characters to vivid life in singing of lusty vigour and varied humour.

Such a shame then that we, the audience, were too inhibited to encourage the performers along the way with well-merited applause!

Reliable as ever, Chris Hinkins provided elegant and nimble quasi-orchestral support throughout.