Hitting the high note

QEGS rehearsals
QEGS rehearsals

Forget about a beautiful morning, performers at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School will be hoping for a few beautiful evenings.

They will be putting on the hit musical “Oklahoma” over the next week.

The opening night is tonight (Wednesday) and the show closes on Saturday.

It is the first production put together by the school’s head of drama Sarah MacDonald.

She said: “It should be a terrific show - fun for the whole family.

“Everyone has worked really hard. We started auditions back in September and it’s been great to see how everything has come together,

“The pupils have worked so hard, but then so has everyone else - actors, stage crew...it’s been a real team effort.”

The school’s head of music Veronica Addis has been another key figures while leading members of the cast include Glyn Bates, John Lincoln, David Lefler, Erin Reid, Holly French, Shannon Woodley and Daisy Hibberd.

Performances start at 7pm. Tickets are available or people can pay on the door.