Bargain Hunters go filming in Horncastle

Paul Laidlaw, Jennifer Herbet, John Cox and Wendy Fleming
Paul Laidlaw, Jennifer Herbet, John Cox and Wendy Fleming

If you were out in Horncastle last week you may have come across some famous faces and red and blue jackets as the BBC were bargain hunting.

Bargain Hunt host Tim Wonnacott and his crew were filming in Horncastle and exploring what some of the towns’ antiques stores had to offer in their search for profits.

This was the second time that the Bargain Hunt crew had visited the town, but series producer Kerry Richardson admitted that their first visit to Horncastle was not planned.

“We came last summer after the Grimsthorpe antiques fair was called off,” Kerry said.

“The weather effected our shooting schedule and we needed somewhere local that we could get to in order to look for antiques.

“Someone suggested Horncastle so we came here and had a very successful shoot.

“So this time round, we have come back deliberately.

“Our two experts in the summer, Charles Hanson and Jonathan Pratt, said that there were some good quality antiques.”

The experts on this visit were Paul Laidlaw and Claire Rawle, and the BBC invited the News to follow Paul and his red team around the town.

Paul was put in a team with Jennifer Herbert and Wendy Fleming, both from Solihull, near Birmingham, who were also on their first visit to Horncastle.

Paul said: “Horncastle is absolutely lovely, it’s charming and the people are very welcoming.

“There are some excellent antiques shops here, I would like to come back in my own time and get a really good look round.

“It amazed me how many antiques shops there are.”

He explained that when the teams are hunting for pieces to take to auction, they have no idea what will be in the shops.

“We always go in cold,” he said. “We strictly have one hour - and not a minute longer - to look and make our purchases.”

The teams visited Great Expectations, The Old Co-op and the Trinity Centre to search for their bargains, which they are due to take to auction.

The red team picked up three items from Great Expectations - three pieces made out of white glass - which they planned on submitting as one lot at auction.

Paul’s teammates, Jennifer and Wendy, said that they thought Horncastle was ‘wonderful’.

“We’re hoping to buy cheap and sell high,” Jennifer said. “Horncastle is a lovely place.”

I must admit I don’t come to Lincolnshire all that often but I think that will have to change after this!”