HOCKEY: Horncastle Ladies 2nds fight hard for a well deserved draw.

Horncastle 2nds 2-2 spilsby

Horncastle ladies took to the pitch this weekend with just 10 ladies against an experienced full Spilsby side, knowing that extra effort and determination would be needed.

The play began with Spilsby having first push back, Horncastle worked hard on the pitch to cover the gap left from being a player short.

Unfortunately, early on, Spilsby powered into the D and struck the ball, which landed with an attacker close to the goal-line with Melissa Hanson battling to keep the ball out.

A controversial decision was made after the ball hit Hanson’s foot on the line and a penalty flick was awarded to Spilsby.

The Spilsby player stood forward to take the penalty, striking it to the far left of the keeper, giving the away side the lead in the first few minutes.

Horncastle re-grouped and led numerous attacks using both wings, but a run up the right involving Sammy Crowley, Lizzie Ellis and Captain Carly Neame led Horncastle right up to the D, where Neame was fouled.

Neame took the ball from the free hit and dribbled round to the right of the D and hit it square across where Ruby Frankish was waiting to hit it past the keeper and equalise before half-time.

After a tiresome first half Horncastle took to the pitch ready to fight back and immediately after push back led an attack down the right and straight into the D, with a strike on goal denied.

Spilsby were soon threatened by Horncastle’s quick play and great passing and pushed back. Spilsby slipped through Horncastle’s defence leading to a short corner and a subsequent goal, 1-2.

Horncastle didn’t let this get them down, and again from push back, led several attacks on goal.

Spilsby’s ‘keeper denied Horncastle any attempt on goal and ejected the ball straight back to their attack taking advantage of having an extra un marked player. Horncastle fought hard to battle on even though tiredness was clearing showing.

With all Horncastle had, they once again broke into the attacking half and trying to push through the Spilsby defence, the ball was knocked out of play. Horncastle received a long corner, from which Neame fought hard, with help from her right winger, to get the ball into the D, where Faye Button calmly put the ball past the keeper to bring Horncastle level in the dying minutes of the game.

With minutes left, Spilsby fought back and snuck the ball to an unmarked player within the D. Goalkeeper Laura Neame left her line to meet the forward one on one and, knowing this was the last play of the game, Neame made the save to secure a well-earned draw in which all players gave their all until the last.

Team - Neame, Hanson, Hillsmith, L.Neame, Beebe, Button, Crowley, Rees, Frankish, Ellis.