Verges - Village in peril

Your recent article on the damage being done to verges in Woodhall Spa by – to use your words – inconsiderate drivers.

I would choose rather stronger language than that.

Together with my wife, I’ve just returned from a short break in Woodhall Spa which is a true English gem.

Woodland, quaint shops, good pubs and’s like England of yesteryear.

Even the children are polite.

However, it is in danger of being spoiled by the loss of the once-green verges.

I did ask the driver of one 4x4 parked near the village cinema if he realised the damage he was doing.

He replied in an abusive front of three children who clambered out of the back of his vehicle.

One wonders what these people are thinking.

They might not be local but please, don’t spoil a true English village.

There aren’t many of them left.

Stephen Arnold

Anlaby Road, Hull