Road safety - Wild driving

I was driving along the Bluestone Heath Road at about 6am last Wednesday.

I was travelling at no more than 40mph, because the surface was slippery and there was snow lying in the area.

A car drew up right behind me, flashed its headlights and sounded its horn.

It overtook me on a narrow stretch and on an up-slope. There is no way the driver could have seen if any vehicles were travelling in the opposite direction.

I was forced on to the verge and just managed to stay in control of my car.

I didn’t get the registration number of the other vehicle but I did glimpse the driver who was female and looked to be beyond the pensionable age. There was no excuse for the standard of driving, whatever the reason.

And we all wonder why there are so many accidents – and so many increases in our insurance premiums.

Sandra Newton

via email.