LETTERS: Are we not all immigrants?

In all discussions and protests concerning immigration certain facts appear to have been overlooked by all.

Have people not heard of The Danes, or The Vikings or 1066 Battle of Hastings or the mass immigration of the Irish in the 1880’s or Polish men 
and others who came and joined the RAF fighting the Nazis, or the mass immigration from the West Indies after 1945.

None of the above came 
for or were given State Benefits.

It is a fact that this country has thrived on immigration over many centuries.

It is also a fact that our NHS could not survive without immigrants.

I would not be at all surprised if some of those complaining were descended from earlier immigrants.

They should think very carefully.

They should also remember that over the centuries Britons have emigrated to many countries, the Pilgrim Fathers were not the only ones!.

Richard Jones

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