LETTER: Will Horncastle High Street be tarmaced properly after roadworks or left in current appalling state?

At the end of the second week, and the end of Phase One, of the Horncastle Gas Mains Replacement Scheme and mostly it seems to be going to plan. That is, all except the state of the road surface.

The contractors have just finished the first phase of the work. The state of the road resurfacing is appalling and unacceptable. The joints have not been sealed and the quality of the tarmac is not appropriate. If it is left as is the surface will disintegrate before the autumn.

The only way that the present surface would be acceptable is if LCC Highways state that it is a temporary surface and they plan to resurface the whole High Street once the National Grid works are complete.

Please would LCC Highways confirm that the surface of the High Street will NOT be left as Phase One is at present? Can they confirm that either the contractor will be instructed to make good or that they, LCC Highways, will completely resurface the High Street?

I would also add a note of caution that if the work so far is an example of the quality of work, all does not bode well for the limestone setts in the Market Place and Lawrence Street. My observation is purely aimed at the contractor the has done the resurfacing.

Andy Neal