LETTER: How was autistic boy left behind in library?

In response to your recent front page story in the Horncastle News, I feel there are quite a few questions to be asked.

The first being what short of irresponsible mother leaves an autistic child alone in a place where he is not familiar?

You stated he was due to visit his uncle at 4pm. Is this said uncle the photographer for your paper? Hence, why it made the front page?

You then stated that Councillor Aron arrived. Why not print that Councillor Aron is actually the child’s grandfather.

I do find it very difficult to believe looking at home tall this child is that he was missed, especially in the teenager section of Horncastle Library as I visit this library on a regular basis and know exactly where it is located.

Could it be he was actually hiding and found it a funny if not mischievous trick to play?

I also find it very hard to believe that a child would make no noise at all which would have altered the members of staff that he was in the building for one whole hour after it closed.

If I thought my child was still in a building which was closed, I would certainly not leave it an hour before I knocked on the glass to make sure, as his mother stated in your article.

I think it should have been first thing. I would have done!

As a regular user of Horncastle Library, I would like to say way a magnificent job the staff members do.

I will wait with bated breath to see if this letter actually reaches the inner pages of your newspaper as I am sure it will certainly not reach the front.

Charles Walker

By hand

EDITOR’S NOTE: I understand from the police that CCTV proved the young boy was not playing a trick and had genuinely not realised the library had closed. The boy is not a member of any Horncastle News employee’s family and while we are aware of his wider family ties this would never impact on the way a story was covered. The Horncastle News is proud that it prints all genuine letters received, although I think a page of letters on the front cover would look a little odd.