LETTER: Great idea to name Horncastle streets after former councillors

Regarding your recent article about suggesting street names in memory of former Town Councillors.

This is an excellent idea, and my suggestion would be the late Jack Simpson who served for over 40 years, and Steve Newton, who served with great resolve in spite of contending with a serious illness.

Both of these men served Horncastle with the many elements of integrity - by way of their honesty, truthfulness and sincerity - qualities SO often lacking in some others in the public eye, who are only there for their own self promotion and monetary gain.

You reported that one Councillor proposed his own Great Grandfather as a contender for this recognition.

This has little relevance in the present day, or in the future, as I doubt many people in Horncastle would know of, or even remember him anyway - thus, that Councillors own name would be in the public eye, and this is totally unacceptable as it clearly smacks of narcissism.

The whole concept of this honour is good, and I am confident that the Town Council will, or have made the right decision.

Ron Fisher (Mr)

Hemingby Way