Supermarket shoppers can give Jubilee Park a boost

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Shoppers at two supermarkets in Woodhall Spa are being given the chance to support Jubilee Park.

The community owned park has been selected as Budgens’ Charity of the Year, with each 5p purchase of a Budgens carrier bag generating a donation.

Lincolnshire Co-op members can also generate funds by selecting the park as their Community Champion from this year’s list.

Co-op cardholders simply log onto the co-op website (
ons) and select Jubilee Park or take their card to the park’s pool where staff will help them sign up.

Other businesses in Woodhall are also helping the park, either offering a product or service that generates a donation, sponsoring items or facilities, making donations or providing raffle prizes.

Their help is especially important this season as the park is now entirely self-supporting.

Park trustee Amarylis Midgley said: “Many of our facilities, from the childrens’ play park to the gardens and public toilets, are there for everyone to use free of charge.

“With prudent management, the swimming pool and caravan site pay their way but we need to cover the cost of the rest of the park and make provision for the inevitable future replacement of plant, machinery, buildings and equipment.”

In return for support, the park promotes businesses to visitors and at special events.

Ms Midgley added: “We’re all part of the same community.

“We can all help each other to thrive.”