Resident’s concern over EMAS response

A Horncastle resident has expressed further concern over the response times of East Midland’s Ambulance Service after claiming his 85-year-old mother in law waited four hours for an ambulance.

Richard Barker alleges that his mother in law, Jean Mitchell, was seen by an NHS nurse who said that Mrs Mitchell’s blood pressure was low.

Richard said: “After a visit to the doctor the nurse then called for an ambulance between 4pm and 4.30pm.

“The ambulance didn’t arrive until about 8pm. It’s just not good enough.”

EMAS is currently under fire after a number of complaints from other residents in the area regarding poor ambulance response times.

Richard continued: “I appreciate it may not have been life-threatening, but for an ambulance to take nearly four hours is worrying.”

EMAS admitted it took over three hours for an ambulance to be allocated to take Mrs Mitchell to a hospital and a spokesman said that an increase in demand over recent weeks has meant that some people who are reported to not have life-threatening conditions have experienced delays.