Pool not sunk as community rallies round

EFFORTS to save Wragby Swimming Pool from sinking under the weight of financial pressure are progressing.

The community-run pool was threatened with closure at the beginning of the year after running out of money when faced with a huge oil bill.

An appeal for donations ensued and the pool’s committee managed to scrape together enough funding to keep it going – thanks to donations from local residents and proceeds from fundraising events.

Committee treasurer Fred Wickert said: “It feels as though we are at the brow of the hill and we’re finally levelling out.

“Over the next few weeks we should see some improvements.”

The pool is used by hundreds of pupils at Wragby Primary School along with groups of disabled people and the over 60s.

In order to keep the pool above water, the committee is also seeking further funding by applying for a number of grants.

Fred said he is hopeful that the grants will be given the go-ahead, but is still remaining cautious.

He said: “Like everything, the food looks good but you don’t know for sure until you’ve tasted it.

“Until the money is in our hands then I will remain sceptical.”

Wragby Swimming Pool has been open since 1998.

Donations are still being sought.

Fred added: “Because we are a charity, we’re on a tight budget and any donations will help us make improvements.”

Donations can be made at Wragby Swimming Pool or sent in the post to Fred Wickert: 31 Holmes Way, Wragby, LN8 5PS.