Feathers fly over pigeon poo


Councillors in Horncastle have got themselves in a flap over the amount of pigeon poo which they say is spoiling the town.

Councillor Stuart Attwood said the problem was “town-wide” but highlighted three particularly bad areas.

They include the Market Place outside the HSBC Bank and a passageway leading from High Street to the Co-op supermarket on Conging Street

He claimed Horncastle appeared to be suffering from a case of “incontinent pigeons”.

Coun Attwood, speaking at a town council meeting, stressed the mess left by pigeons was a health hazard and was unpleasant for residents and visitors.

He said: “They (the pigeons) are causing a filthy mess. The pavements are shocking.”

He suggested the town council should either pay for the mess to be cleared or write to East Lindsey District Council asking them to take action.

Coun Fiona Martin said pigeons had been causing problems for many years.

She admitted the number of pigeons had definitely increased and agreed with Coun Attwood’s description that pigeons were “flying rats with wings.”

However, she said the council had found it difficult to decide what course of action to take to combat the issue.

She added there would be an outcry from some members of the public, if the council brought in a hawk to kill pigeons - or arranged for some to be shot.

Coun Martin said: “There are definitely too many of them (pigeons).

“It’s not just the areas Councillor Attwood has mentioned. They are all over the town.

“It is a big issue. The mess they leave behind is very unpleasant.

“We have cleared it away before but the trouble is it returns straight away.”

Several councillors, including Lynda Baker, admitted there would be criticism - if the pigeons were culled.

Councillors agreed the prospect of a hawk “tearing a pigeon apart” in front of young families was not a pleasant prospect.

Town clerk Gillian Mauger said the council had discussed the “pigeon problem” on previous occasions.

She said she had heard of reports of a special form of contraception for pigeons.

Mayor Coun Sandra Campbell-Wardman said: “Pigeons on the pill? Whatever next?

“I know that is being light-hearted but this is a serious issue. It must give a bad impression to anyone visiting the town. “

Coun Maurice Lamb said the best solution would be asking ELDC to ‘deep clean’ problem areas as a “one off”.