East Lindsey’s Census statistics

East Lindsey’s population has grown older, less active and works fewer hours than it did a decade ago, new Census data has revealed.

The Office of National Statistics has published statistics gathered from the 2011 Census in the greatest detail to date, revealing changes to the local population’s lifestyle and demographic.

Almost a quarter of the population are now retired, which is a higher proportion than any other UK local authority.

The median age is 49 - four years older than it was in 2001 and 26 per cent of the population are aged 65 or older.

East Lindsey’s residents are also among the least active in the country with the second highest proportion listing their day-to-day activities as ‘limited a little.’

Communications team leader James Gilbert said: “East Lindsey does have a higher than average older population and along with many organisations like Lincolnshire County Council, NHS Lincolnshire and Age UK, the council is working hard to ensure they are supported as necessary and have access to a range of activities that promote well being and encourage them to remain active in the local area. These include community based activities such as new age kurling, health walks and virtual gyms.

“Many retirees come to the area for the relaxed pace of life, clean air, low crime rates and along with those who have lived here all their lives are living longer into retirement.”

Other key statistics revealed in the Census include an 11.2 per cent decline in Christianity, the second highest proportion of people providing 50 hours or more unpaid care and the fourth highest percentage of residents who have no passport.