Council set to tackle winter weather

Parish Councillors in Woodhall Spa are working hard to ensure the village is a safer place during any bad weather this winter.

The council has bought a pavement gritter and added three more grit bins which will be sited at various locations.

It is all part of the community’s Snow and Ice plan.

Councillors have also decided to spread rock salt this winter - instead of grit.

The decision follows on from a series of trials held last winter.

The council is hoping residents will clear snow from any pavements outside their homes.

It is also asking people to help clear areas where residents might not be able to complete the task themselves.

Volunteers, working on behalf of the council, will grit the main footways and pavements in the village.

Full details of the routes involved are available from the council offices.

Councillors have also appealed to people not to use rock salt from grit bins on any private properties..

The Parish Council says supplies of rock salt are limited by cost and stresses they cannot afford to purchase additional supplies to continually refill bins.