Paul Webb

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The funeral of Paul Frederick Webb took place at St Peter’s Church, Woodhall Spa.

The church was packed with nearly 100 people outside estimated over 500 people altogether.

Sally Smithson officiated at the service and funeral arrangements were by Michael Sivill, Leagate Road, Coningsby.

Paul Webb, from Woodhall Spa died aged 69 years at the Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, former Coal Merchant, Timber Contractor and Gardener.

He was a keen snooker player and in his youth a good hockey player.

Family Mourners: Mark, Samantha and James Web, son, daughter in law and grandson; Andrew, Gayle, Oliver and Charlie Webb, son, daughter in law and grandsons; Robert and Abbie Webb, son and daughter in law; Teresa and Bethany; David and Lina Waller; Mark and Lesley Smithson; Peter and Diane Jones; Brin and Sally Ockleford.

Other present at the service: Ben Fawcett; Nina Gaunt; Diane Tayles representing Wendy Jones; Janet Donson; Jackie Harris; Greta Marshall; Jane Reams; Gwen Davis; Heather Young representing Sylvia; Mrs C Baxter representing Paul Baxter; Judy Evans representing Mary Allport; Ian and Sue Macdonald; Jim and Kay Avison; Gwen Butterfield; Shirley Cobley representing The Bakery Woodhall Spa; Julie Rouse; Kate Liddy; Nicola Harness and Michael Hill; Anne Windley; Sheila Gardener representing Bert Gardener, Jayne Coupland and Zara Walker;Keith Shaw representing Sandra Shaw; Janette Jackson representing Peter Jackson; Jim Cockburn representing Irene Cockburn; Alison Cockburn representing Jakob; Basil Kelly representing Ashley Boyd; Mr and Mrs Brian Hunt representing Michelle Hunt; John and Niki Leggate representing Tony and Pip Bennison; Rose Wortley; Barry Maltby representing Sandra; Graham Pinkley representing Martins; Pat and Peter Maltby; Mark and Clare Preston; Malcolm and Michael Steel; Mr and Mrs Gary Avison; Eric and Helen Campion-Rayment; Derek Edwards; Mr and Mrs A Burgess representing Kim, Sandra and Mark Burgess; Sarah Hallam; David Trafford; Mr and Mrs R Espley representing Mr and Mrs D Butler; Robert Ginn representing Mrs Valerie Ginn; Maggie Cook-Bell representing Libby Ball; Gary Burgess; Marinela Adam; Mick and Di McLintic; Stuart Parker; Philip and Wendy Steadman; Roland Hill; Derek and Ann Heckley; Karl and Lauren Coupland; Di McLintic; Derek Walker; Lee Gilbert; M Jagger representing Andrew and Laura; Shirley Castles; Graham and Miranda Hill; Peter Mitchell; Liz and Mike Walter; Kim and Robert Barr representing family, Toby Grimshaw, Helen Peerce, Patrick Barr; Peter Fixter; Darren Maltby; Graham Bond representing Mandy Bond; Russell Hirst representing Sadie Hirst, Hilary and Michael Carter; Sue Frith; Julie Czajkowski representing Holy Trinity School; Meryl Timms representing Mrs Jacke Guthrie; Wayne and Sue Durham; Mrs Zawada representing family; Kath Lamberton; Mrs Ann Garden; Rosemary and Henry Lether; John and Sue Jackson representing Harry and Stephanie; Heather Colebrook representing R Colebrook; Clare Anderson; Mr and Mrs P Brown representing Tom and Sandra Taylor; Annette Butcher; Mrs V Gilbert; Brian Garrill representing Pamela Garrill; Shirley Beattie representing Rod, Mike Beattie; Lee Adams; Chris Armstrong; Malcom Armstrong; Liz Sutherland; Beth Pearce; Robert Bloom; Neil and Beryl Finne; Mr and Mrs Aylesgood; Ron and Debbie Short; David Hoyes; Paul Hoyes representing Dennis Hoyes; John Breslin; David Jagger; Janet Bradley representing John and Ben; Andrew Louke; Steve Lindley; Johnathon Audis representing Carl Topper; Shaun Jackson; Paul Bell representing Janet Long; J Turner; Norman and Stephen Leggate; Paul Anthony; Philip Groombridge; Jenny Fixter; Mr and Mrs John Williamson; Mr and Mrs Andrew Newstead; Mr Walter Newstead; Ken Jackson; Mr and Geoff Walter also representing Ms Kate Walter; Mrs Maxine Norman; Peter and Jean Ellis; Alan Laidlow; Emma Shinn; Kym Forshaw representing CCU Pilgrim Hospital; Bob and Sue Fletcher; Tony Beebe representing Janet; Paul Adams; Shelly representing Steward and Stewardess Conservative Club Woodhall Spa; Martin Williams representing Pat Lyons; Sue and Nick Argles; Mrs Stout; Queenie Watkinson; David Mullinger representing family; Mr and Mrs Peter Trott; John Archer representing Lorraine and Archer’s Fish and Chip Shop; Trevor Hiatt; Joe Rossington; Thomas Rossington also representing Linda Rossington; Simon Galbraith; Alan Dobbs; Mrs M Czajowski; Paul and Caroline Wells; Barrie Craggs; A Clark representing Mr and Mrs F Clark; Mr Manton; Richard Delderfield; Abigail, Stephen and Adrian Walker; Jim Jones; Mark Casswell; Adele Casswell; Jamie Casswell representing Mrs Sally Hotchkin; Sarah Bailey-Key; D Tempest representing L Tempest and family; Les Avison; Carol Plumb; John Dudgeon; Sharon and Charlotte Leak; Nikita; Tim Johnson; Rita Boxall; Andrew Zawada; David Sharpe representing Julie Sharpe; Mr and Mrs Colin Burkhill; Sue Anthony; John and Chris Dyson; Martin Hare; Stuart Quinn; A and K Carragher; Zoe Armstrong; Tim Windley; John Smithson representing Grant Taylor; R and S Beattie; Jean and Elizabeth Bailey representing David and Simon; Mrs Cerklewicz representing Mark; Mrs Tracy Ramsden; Nathan Sutherland; Scott Adams; Ben Adams; Glen Andrews; William Greaves; Kevin, Verity and Sophie Walker; Cliff and Alma Amy and Oliver; Bryn and Sally Ockleford representing Ms Karen Butterfield, Mr Hugh Massingberd-Mundy, Mr Stuart Ockleford, David and Monique Butler, Peter and Sylvia Lonsdale; David and Lina Waller; Bob Pinning; Stuart Priestner; Mr and Mrs D Avison; Mrs Bandeen and family representing Sally Leggate; Mr and Mrs David Clay; Sally Oliver and George Edwards; John and Anne Tate; Malcolm Todd; Sheila Laidlow; Liz Would; Chris Coupland; Janet Walker; Geoff and Gerry Brown; Susan Bush representing Nigel Bush; Yvonne and Paul Johnson; Jan Morris representing Frank Barnes; Ann and David Skinns; Mr and Mrs L Moscrop; Mr and Mrs H Hare; Suzanne Finney; Sue Curtis representing David Curtis and Ted Francis; Keith Maltby representing Chrissy Maltby; Roger and Betty Papworth; Pat and Phil Avery representing Terry Davis and Pat Lyon; John Cheriton; Marjorie Sergeant; Mrs Ann Houlton; Robin and Linda Goodyear; Heather Corrigan; Anne Vines; Christopher Oliver; Mick and Nina Collins; Rita and Brian Gilbert; Robert Jones and Stephanie Bartlett-Jones; Tom and Kerry Moreton; Liz and Simon Eve; Sarah Everton; Kay Coplston representing Richard Trott; Maureen and Tim Goy; Julie and Dave Goy; Mr and Mrs C Hill; Mr and Mrs Incles representing Gemma; Adrian Espin; Mrs Daphne Burgess; David Grundy; Tony Parkinson representing Nigel Brown and Bridget Golding; Mr and Mrs Cox representing Mrs Hilary Neale; Kevin Bland; Tony and Mary Archer; Jim Jackson; Tony and Patti Armstrong; Richard and Maureen Groombridge; Mr and Mrs K Hillsmith; Mr and Mrs H Baxter representing family; Allen Barr; Melanie Cowan representing Dean Forest; Karen Steadman; Joan Taylor; Mr I Ranyard representing Royal Mail; Keith Logan; Stephanie Liley representing Holy Trinity School; Dean Liley; Becky Shaw; Tony and Margaret Pell; Dr and Mrs Armour; David Harrison; Brian and Heather Deanne representing Tony and Mille Matthews; Mr M Gosling representing Mrs H Gosling; Mr Henry Lether; John Hammonds; Cassandra Hewson; Rosemary Dowse; Steph and Carrie Dutchy representing Kevin Rolls; Bob Ballard; Mrs Robinson; Ms Robinson; Lucy and Wendy Wells; Andrew Avison representing Woodhall Spa F.C; Colin and Kate Wells; Margaret and Barry Horton; Len Wickens; Tommy Curtis; Sandra Adams; Richard Harris; Brian Holden; John and Nicola Willerton; GwenMacKinnon; Barry Scott representing Bridget; Dennis Maltby; Zonda Crick representing Alan Bent; Lee Cobley; Verity Walker; Carolyn Jones; Neil Lindsey; Annie Avison; Mark Harrison; Richard Challis; Steve Pitwee; Ingrid Lea; Francis Lea; Jason Tokelove; Louisa Tokelove; Rosette Tokelove; Debbie, Francine, Michael and Remi Bolland; John Goy; Barbara Goy; Joyce Wilson; Mrs Shirley Hanson; Mr and Mrs Goodyear; Jason Jones; Lucy Challis; Jan Read representing family and Kate Andrews; Mrs R Walter; Margaret Wikeley; June and Terry Norman; Barbara Simmons; Bob Ritson; Martin Picker representing Keith Parish; Nick Dunworth; Julie Matthews representing Melrose Tearoom; Mr R Bee; Mr Roberts; Jean Barley representing Dave and Simon; Mrs Ranshaw representing Matthew; Kenny Ranshaw; David and Victoria Mitchell; Peter Jackson and others.