Obituary: Kay Archer

Kay Archer
Kay Archer

The funeral of Kay Archer took place on Wednesday January 9 at St Peters Church in Woodhall Spa, before burial at Horncastle Cemetery.

Kay was born on January 2 1943 and grew up in Horncastle and Woodhall Spa working in the family fish and chip shop before going on to Art College to study hairdressing.

One of her proudest moments during this time was appearing as an extra in the film ‘The Wild and the Willing’.

At the age of 19 Kay suffered a brain haemorrhage which left her paralysed, however she never complained or felt sorry for herself and always made the most of life. Kay regularly competed in the Rotary Disabled games where she won many trophies and medals of which she was very proud. Kay was known to always take great pride in her appearance making sure her hair and make up were done and showing off her trademark long red nails.

Kay will always be remembered for her love of cowboy hats and would always been seen around Woodhall wearing various one’s of her collection, also Kay would always be decorated for any event or special occasion most recently for the Queen’s Jubilee where she had flags flying from her chair.

Kay was known for being a fun and lively person and its her laughter and sense of humour that she will always be remembered for.

Attendants of Kay Archer’s Funeral: John and Lorraine Archer (Brother and Sister in law), Shirley Beattie (Sister), Jo and Peter Trott (Sister and Brother in law), Nicola Archer and Damien Redford (Niece and Partner), Sally Archer and Adam Burnett (Niece and Partner), Rodney and Sandy Beattie (Nephew and Wife), Mike and Tina Beattie (Nephew and Wife), Jack Beattie (Great Nephew), Nicola and Tim White (Niece and Husband), Rhys Reynolds (Great Nephew) Representing Joe Reynolds , Sarah and Paul Everton representing Richard Trott, Rita and Len Perryman, Pat Duberly, David Skinns, Lena, David and Adrian Waller, Mrs Zawada, Pam and Barry Chapman, Brian Burnett, Tom Morley, Louise Turner, Deborah Cerklewicz, Terry Ranshaw, Bev Ashley- Rodgers, Glynis Holland, Sandra Taylor representing Woodhall Co-op Staff, Rosemary Dowse, Michael and Julia Wright, Tom and Sue Curtis, Deborah Beebe, Tony and Janet Beebe representing Beverley Beebe and Family , Beryl Finney, Mrs Angela Gunson representing David Gunson, Audrey and Brian Pacey, representing Mandy and William Gray, David and Gwen Brumby, Mandi Rennie representing Nick, Melissa and Ashley Rennie, Miss. Susan Maskell, Mrs. Sue Twigg representing John Lowe, Keitha Archer representing Derrick and family, Michael Archer, M. Kitchen representing Mrs Kitchen, Pete Wright, T. Vinter representing T. Francis, Mrs. Irene Cockburn representing the family, Marie Holland representing Housing 21, Alan and Elaine Maskell, Keith and Maxine Holland, Ted and Trudy Ison, Mr and Mrs S Brown, Mrs Joyce Dixon and Mr Dickie Moore representing Mrs. Maxine Shaw and family, Rita Gilbert representing Brian Gilbert, Mrs. Christine coupland, Diane Tayles, Mary Chappelow, Les Elton, Sandra and Tony White, Lynette Mutt, Michelle Green-Grass, Ann and Bryn Jones, Mrs Lovely and Mrs A McNarmar, Bettina Kulwicki and Tanya Rogers, Mrs Daphne Clay representing Mr David Clay and Mrs. Joyce Hyde, Barrie and Margaret Horton representing Karen, Nina Gaunt representing Mr and Mrs Eric Wilcox, Daphne Robinson, Mrs. S Ward representing Mr J Ward, Mr and Mrs L Gerryman, Mr and Mrs J L Blakey representing Mr and Mrs J W Hoyles, Mrs Linda Goodyear, Mr and Mrs Belton, Mrs B Chamberlin, Nick Steadman representing Neil Steadman and Caroline Steadman, Mrs Jean Sharpe representing Julie and David Sharpe, Mr and Mrs Ted Steele, Melanie Deane representing James, Frankie, Harry and Charlie Deane and Nick and Jane Maskell, Jenny Ison and Family, Jessica Butlin, Millie Pickering representing Ann Houlton, Carol Baxter, Mark and Clare Preston, Elaine Maltby representing Tanya Walker and Family, Sandra Wilson and Lesley Picker, Roy and Enid Knox, Barry Maltby representing Sandra and Chloe, Derek Holmes representing Doreen Holmes, Dennis Maltby, Mrs. R Hornsey, Mr and Mrs T. Diggins, Mrs W Bennett, Mr and Mrs Khan, Mrs D Hunt representing Mr B Hunt, Mr and Mrs Avison representing Andrew Avison and Bob Pinning, Janet Dodson representing Jenny and Viev and Barbara Mans.