Mystery lights seen in sky

STRANGE lights which glowed in the sky all night long have left a family with a mystery on their hands.

Paul Francis, 32, saw the 'dull white misty light' several times during the night from his home in Moorhouses Road, Tumby Woodside.

Wife Rachel and stepdaughter Leah Dawson, 14, were also intrigued by the glow in the sky, and its strange movement.

"It was in a set place all night and it would move to the left and then very quickly back to the right," said Mr Francis, a postman.

"We are used to jets flying overhead but they are quickly gone. Sometimes there are events with lights at East Kirkby Aviation Heritage Centre but there was nothing on that night.

"They were cutting corn in a field nearby and at first we wondered if their lights were being reflected in some way. But they stopped at midnight.

"So I don't know what it could have been. I kept getting up in the night to check and the light was still there, sometimes still and then suddenly moving from left to right very quickly in a way that no aeroplane or helicopter can move.

"At one point another glow appeared just above the first light and so then there were two doing the same thing."

A man who runs a business nearby was also left puzzled that night, Saturday August 16.

He first saw the lights while visiting his work premises after the alarm had sounded and wondered if the events were connected.

The man, who asked not to be named, said he then drove the few miles back to his home after re-setting the alarm.

At 3am he woke up and could still see the light. "I've spoken to a man in Mareham le Fen and it saw it as well," he said.

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A Horncastle woman, who asked not to be named, has called us to say she had seen the lights on Thursday July 17 and again on Thursday August 21 and briefly the following night before the sky clouded over.

She said: "They were there all night. I woke my husband up and he saw them aswell. We live in Horncastle but they were in the Tumby Woodside direction."

The woman said: "They were absolutely mesmerising. I've no idea what it was. I've never seen anything like it."

She said she had been checking every night for the lights since the first sighting but did not see them for five weeks.