EXCLUSIVE: Anti-speed campaigners thank Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick

Campaign group spokesman Jonathan Lincoln makes his point watched by Alan Hardwick (right) and Bill Aron

Campaign group spokesman Jonathan Lincoln makes his point watched by Alan Hardwick (right) and Bill Aron

Campaigners battling to reduce the speed of vehicles travelling on a busy residential road in Horncastle say they have been ‘encouraged’ following a meeting with Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick.

Mr Hardwick met members of the Stanhope Road Traffic Calming Initiative (SRTCI) on Wednesday morning.

Campaign group spokesman Jonathan Lincoln said they were grateful to Mr Hardwick for taking time out of his busy schedule and listening to their views.

Mr Lincoln told the News: “He spent almost an hour with us and we believe he shared a lot of our concerns.

“We were very encouraged by what Mr Hardwick said and all the signs are that he is very supportive.

“Our campaign will continue but we are increasingly confident there will be a positive outcome.”

The group says Stanhope Road is increasingly used as a ‘rat-run’ for vehicles taking a short cut between the A!53 Louth Road and the A158 Spilsby Road.

They claim the number of vehicles using the route - and the speed they travel - is an ‘accident waiting to happen.’ They also point out two schools are in the immediate vicinity.

The group would like to see various anti speed measures put in place - and a reduction of the current limit to 20mph.

They say a survey by Lincolnshire County Council showed almost 30 per cent of vehicles were exceeding the 30mph.

The group claims the situation will become much worse next month when Stanhope Road is utilised as the main diversion route during gas main repair work in the town centre.

Apart from Mr Hardwick, Tuesday’s meeting also featured local county councillor Bill Aron and Horncastle based PCSO Nigel Wass.

*What does Mr Hardwick think about the Stanhope Road situation? What solutions would he favour to reduce speed?

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