Ex-councillor in call for action over town issues

Richard Barker is calling on councils to tackle Horncastle's problem areas. EMN-140822-133536001

Richard Barker is calling on councils to tackle Horncastle's problem areas. EMN-140822-133536001

A Horncastle businessman is demanding the town council “steps up to the plate” and deals with a number of issues which he claims are a disgrace and spoil the image of the town.

Richard Barker, who resigned as a town councillor earlier his year, has listed 10 issues in an email sent to the council.

His complaints range from fears about flooding because of blocked gullies to the ongoing controversy about car parking.

Mr Barker said: “The town council needs to step up to the plate and deal with the issues.

“No action is not an option.”

Mr Barker’s concerns include:

*Plastic setts alongside the passage way between Robert Bells and Heathers which are not acceptable in a conservation area;

*Blocked and overflowing gullies at the Market Place entrance;

*The poor state of the Market Place pavings and cobbles;

*The appearance of a large BT green cabinet on the roadside in the Bridge Street conservation area;

*The state of railings along the River Bain fronting Jubilee Way and down Banks Road;

*The number of banners on bridges and illegal signs;

*Concerns regarding car parking and the need to review yet again free parking 24/7 on The Wong and up to two hours in the town centre car parks.

Mr Barker has shown the News the reply he received from Town Clerk Gillian Mauger.

He added: “The response merely reinforces the general consensus that the town council will always find a reason NOT to take the responsibility to resolve issues to the benefit of the town.

“As you have the Chairman of the LCC as a member of the town council there can be no excuse why issues cannot be addressed.”

The town council has responded to Mr Barker in an email.

It said: “As you are aware many of the issues are the responsibility of LCC and we have been in correspondence with them over these matters already in the past.

“Where matters have not been resolved we continue to discuss them with the relevant officers and hope that a solution will be reached.

“The council has agreed the contract for painting the next section of the railings on Wharf Road and we are just waiting for a start date.

“Off street parking is the responsibility of ELDC and I believe you have already been in touch with them.”




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