Did you see orange UFO?

7pm, Tuesday - DID you see an orange ball of light moving through the Horncastle evening sky?

Such a phenomenon was experienced by Sam Ellis, 49, of Bonnetable Road, Horncastle, on Sunday evening.

He was driving along Lincoln Road with two passengers when, at around 5.58pm, near Accommodation Road, he met with a ball of light in the sky.

"I thought it was an airplane coming down," he said. "It was the exact effect of afterburners."

Mr Ellis stopped the car and the group tried to make sense of what they were seeing.

The light had been coming towards them, but then stopped and hovered for around 30 seconds. It then moved on towards West Ashby.

"It was like it had been disturbed," said Mr Ellis.

As the group left, the light was moving back towards Horncastle. Mr Ellis is certain it was not an aeroplane and dismisses any possibility it was a Chinese lantern – often thought to be the culprit in these cases.

"This was big," he said.

"I have watched airplanes for years and have never seen anything like this in my life before," he continued. "There was absolutely no noise whatsoever.

"Somebody else in Horncastle must have seen this."

Did you see the orange UFO?

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