‘I’ve sold my £158,000 Horncastle home for 1p’

The car wash in Horncastle which is at the centre of the dispute
The car wash in Horncastle which is at the centre of the dispute

A Horncastle man has sold his home to his son for a penny because he’s fed up of looking at a bright yellow car wash on the opposite side of the road.

David Johnson’s home on Lincoln Road was on the market for £158,000 just a few weeks ago.

He says a potential sale fell through because of the colour of the car wash.

Now, he has reached the end of his tether, even though the car wash owner has re-painted part of the building white.

Mr Johnson and his wife plan to move out as soon as possible and buy a “nice little bungalow” in another part of town.

Mr Johnson said: “We get up at 4.15 every morning and the first thing we see is that car wash.

“When we get home, the first thing we see is that car wash.

“I already suffer from nerves and this is making my life a misery.

“I’ve nothing against them (the car wash owners). They are trying to make a living. Good luck to them but we’ve had enough. W e’re off.

“It’s sad in a lot of ways because we’ve lived there for 28 years and never had any trouble - until this.

“If they had painted it white in the first place, we’d never have moved.

“They’ve repainted part of it white but who’s to say what will happen? I don’t want the aggro.”

Mr Johnson admitted his decision was made easier by the fact he recently inherited another property which he is selling to finance the move.

He added: “I’d still have moved anyway.

“Everything with the sale to my son is being done properly. It will all be legal.

“He’s getting it for a penny but he’s paying all the legal fees.”

Staff at the car wash said they did not want to comment on Mr Johnson’s decision to move but stressed they had always offered to re-paint the building.

Owner Sarkan Mustafa said: “We don’t want to fall out with anyone. We have had no other complaints.”

Mr Johnson had to be escorted from a recent town council meeting after complaining about the car wash. He accused councillors of ‘double standards.’