Give a greyhound a loving home

Saxon the greyhound
Saxon the greyhound

If you’re still stuck for a New Year’s resolution, why not make a life-changing decision and adopt an ex-racing greyhound?

The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust has been rehoming the animals since 1998, and has successfully rehomed 1,109 greyhounds – including 10 already this 

Kevin Stow, along with his wife Mandy, founded the charity after being involved in the racing side of things.

He said: “In 1994 a friend of mine came round and asked if I would go halves with him on a racing dog.

“So our dog, Sky, raced for four years and when she retired we brought her home.

“When they race they are the fastest breed in the world, but they slow down a lot when they retire.

“We work closely with owners and trainers who care about their dogs but are unable to look after them when they have finished racing.

“They ask us if we can find homes for them.

“There are plenty of owners out there who want to do the right thing.”

One couple who have benefited from the work the Greyhound Trust have done are Bob and Heather Manning from Horncastle.

They adopted Saxon, formerly known as Trim Charm, in 2003.

Saxon raced for just over two years, but had to retire after sustaining a leg injury.

The Manning’s decided to adopt another dog to give their Bearded Collie, Woody, a companion.

“Woody didn’t like us leaving him when we went out,” said Bob. “He would sit by the door and chew on the handle. It wasn’t nice.

“But when we had a friend round with her dog he was absolutely fine.

“So we borrowed our friend’s dog for a week and Woody had no problem with us leaving the house.

“It was then that we decided to adopt another dog, and that’s when we found Saxon.”

Saxon raced in Ireland before being brought over to England and he was picked up by the Mannings from RAF Waddington’s kennels.

Bob said: “My mum used to have greyhounds so it was an easy decision when we looked for a new dog.

“Luckily I knew Kevin and he pointed us in the right direction.

“Greyhounds are wonderful dogs, and would be particularly good for the elderly.

“They don’t pull on their leads when they are out walking, and only need two 20 minute walks a day.

“Saxon spends most of his time resting.

“They don’t need a lot of grooming and because they are so tall they are easy to stroke and fuss.”

The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust find foster homes for the dogs and pay for the feeding, vaccination, neutering and upkeep before they find a new home.

All homes are assessed before dogs are moved in, and the Trust gives advice to prospective owners on how they can make changes to accommodate them.

Kevin added: “We spent over £61,000 last year and we are grateful for any donations that we receive.”

For more information on the LGT, visit or contact Kevin or Mandy on 01522 569825.