Cheers! It’s all systems go for Spa pub

A popular Woodhall Spa public house will re-open on Friday after the completion of vital building work.

The Mall has been closed for the last month after it was discovered part of the roof was in danger of collapsing onto Station Road - the main route through the village.

The problem came to light after a feature bay window at the front of the building needed replacing.

Landlord Stefan Dutchyn said: “The bay window was in danger of falling out on to the road.

“It was built more than 100 years ago and basically all the timbers had rotted.

“We called structural engineers in and their report indicated that because the bay window was falling out, part of the roof was in danger of falling into Station Road as well.”

Mr Dutchen took the decision to shut the pub and workers immediately propped up the building with scaffolding. They have replaced the bay window and completed work on the roof.

Mr Dutchen added: “The workmen have done a superb job. Ideally, we’d like to have stayed open but it wasn’t possible.

“We’ve re-decorated and we’re looking forward to opening again.”