Bright future in store

Chandeliers in Crystal Clear Lighting
Chandeliers in Crystal Clear Lighting

One of Horncastle’s newest businesses is doing its bit for the town in attracting customers from all over the country and the world.

Crystal Clear Lighting, which has been open since December 9 last year, have worked non-stop since they opened their doors, and are pleasantly surprised with the reception they have received.

Business partners Phil Shepherd and Grace Moore have brought new customers into the town after the antiques fair at Lincolnshire show ground was cancelled.

“It’s been a lot more work than we first expected,” Phil admitted. “But business has been really good,” Grace said.

“With our customers coming from around the country and the world, we like to open late for them and they like to have a meal in the town in the evening before they set off on their long journeys home.

“We have customers from the likes of London, Ireland, Holland and even Japan.

The shop, situated in Lindsey Court behind the Library, is adorned with chandeliers on offer to the public and as you walk in it’s difficult not to be taken aback by the beauty of some of the pieces.

Grace said: “We encourage customers to sit on our comfy sofas so they can see the chandeliers the way they would do in their own home.”

Phil explained that customers are able to come into the shop with their own ideas, which would then be created from scratch - not only does the business create them but they rewire and restore older chandeliers too.

Crystal Clear Lighting are open 9-5pm Monday to Saturday and by appointment on Sundays.