Annoyed residents dismiss claims that town is ‘boring’

Horncastle EMN-160401-133622001
Horncastle EMN-160401-133622001
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Proud residents in Horncastle have hit back at people who have labelled the town as boring and insist: “It’s a wonderful place.”

The News revealed that more than 200 people recently took part in a survey, with half saying the town was boring and the other half beautiful.

Now, several people have contacted the News to defend the town and say the criticism is unfair.

John Boothby said: “Just how do you claim Horncastle is boring?

“Horncastle a is a lovely old market town, and holds many happy memories for me.”

His thoughts were echoed by Alison Baxter, who said she was perfectly happy i n the town.

She added: “How can anyone say Horncastle is boring?

“It’s a wonderful place to live. There are excellent schools, superb local shops and very little crime.

“What do people want? Night clubs on every corner and gangs of noisy youths roaming about?

“Boring? I’ve never heard anything as ridiculous.”

Stephen Jenkins said that like most towns, Horncastle could be improved but stressed he wouldn’t swap it for anywhere else.

He said: “The town has a lot going for it. It’s largely clean,tidy - and safe.

“Yes, Horncastle could promote itself better, but there’s a lot to be proud of - and beautiful countryside on the doorstep.

“What more do people want?”

Jack Hunter said he had lived in Lincolnshire all his life and Horncastle was one of his favourite places.

He added: “People say it’s not as nice as Louth - or Woodhall Spa.

“Well, I prefer Horncastle. We should be proud of our heritage and our history and at least we’ve still got banks that are open.”

Annette Storr described Horncastle as ‘beautiful’, while Ian Holland - a retired doctor - said it was unfair to label the town as boring.

He said: “It is quiet and that is surely part of the appeal. We don’t want hundreds of new homes and new supermarkets.”

Sally Bark appeared to have mixed feelings about the town.She explained: “I thought it was boring when I lived there but I do enjoy visiting occasionally.”

Ian Bancroft said Horncastle was boring - particularly for the younger generation. He added: “There’s nothing to do and we need more nightlife and better shops.”