Lincolnshire author releases latest book

Lincolnshire Author Alan Stennett
Lincolnshire Author Alan Stennett

Kirkstead author Alan Stennett has released the sixth book of his writing career, re-telling the story of the Boer War in South Africa through his grandfather’s eyes.

Lincolnshire Lads on the Veldt, Alan’s first self-published book, is taken from extracts of his grandfather Herbert Stennett’s diary which he painstakingly transcribed 12 years ago.

The story tells of the trials and tribulations faced by the British soldiers including Herbert and his brother Arthur, both from Billingborough, who were in the 2nd Volunteer Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment.

Diary entries are accompanied by pictures from local newspapers.

Lincolnshire Lads on the Veldt is available around the county RRP £11.99, including Perkins Newsagents.