Lasting memorial to Polish airmen

The Polish memorial at RAF Ingham EMN-160606-155423001
The Polish memorial at RAF Ingham EMN-160606-155423001
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Members of Horncastle History and Heritage Society have been involved in the design of sculptures for the memorial garden at RAF Ingham to honour all those who fought and fell while serving at RAF Ingham and in the bomber squadrons of the Polish Air Force during the Second World War.

David Lawrence, David Birchall and Bob Wayne constructed the piece, which shows Polish airmen looking out over the landscape prior to flying out on a raid.

The HHHS was invited to attend a dedication ceremony by the Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Lukasz Lutostanski, where dignitaries from the county, the Polish Ambassador and representatives from the RAF and the Polish Air Force, as well as many families of Polish airmen, were also in attendance.