Gateway Club becomes Getaway Club

A SOCIAL club in Horncastle for people with special needs has changed its name from the Gateway Club to the Getaway Club.

They changed the name after the club's owner, the Mencap charity, gave them the choice of taking the name Mencap Local, or to choose their own name and to either affiliate or disaffiliate with the charity.

They chose to change the name and to stay affiliated to Mencap.

Jo Cousins from the Getaway Club, said: "We didn't like the suggested name as it put a label on the group and was a stereotype.

"There was a contest to decide on the name and everybody agreed on Getaway. We are quite independent now."

Members of the club were entertained with a dance show featuring pupils from John Fielding School in Boston last week.

The club is run completely by volunteers and has been going since 1976.

Mrs Cousins said: "The aim of the club is to advance the personal development of people with special needs through greater leisure opportunities, promoting choice and independence and encouraging their full participation, integration an involvement in the club and community.

"The club encourages members to make their own choices and to express their own point of view and form friendships. The club also offers respite to parents and carers on a regular basis."

There are more than 60 members in the club from a wide area including Horncastle, Spilsby, Louth, New Bolingbroke, Woodhall Spa, Mablethorpe, East Keal, Coningsby and Wragby.

* Details from: Jo Cousins 01507 526955.